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Media Room Must Haves

Media Room Must Haves (and More)

Rob Fanjoy from focuses on the equipment necessary for a well-stocked media room in the linked article. While we take a few issues with Rob’s suggestions, namely his “bigger is better” attitude towards equipment, afterall a very satisfying home theater experience can be had with a 42” plasma TV, high quality source equipment such as a Sony Playstation which can do double duty as a gaming system and quite high quality DVD player, and a good quality 5.1 surround sound receiver, we do agree that if you have the budget, then you can transform a den, extra room or even your living room, into a transformative media experience that allows you to escape your daily routine and be taken to new worlds either through music, movies or television.

On the other hand, Rob correctly notes “that ten-foot screens are about the maximum, as you would have to sit about 15 feet from the screen for optimal viewing.” Seating distance from the screen is one of the most important factors to determine the optimal viewing experience. While 1080p resolution has become pretty much the standard for most screens these days, did you know that if don’t sit the proper distance from your screen, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p? We’ll measure your space and recommend the optimal distance for seating and your screen, and present you multiple equipment options to meet your budget and your quality standards.

Wiring is another area that Rob mentions as important. There are plenty of snake oil salesmen out there who would have you spend thousands on equipment interconnects, while ingnoring the most important interconnects for a satisfying surround sound experience, the cables that run between your receiver or amplifier(s) and your speakers.

And Rob also mentions the importance of optimizing the acoustics of the room. You can have the most impressive big screen display available on the market, but if you can’t hear the dialog of the movie you’re viewing, or are distracted by the floor resonating when a particular bass note, or explosion excites a frequency in your room thus taking you “out of the film”, or lighting focuses your attention on the room instead of the screen, you aren’t getting all you could get from your home theater.

MyResolution will help you get the maximum return on your media room investment by measuring your room and determining the optimum distance for screens, speakers and projection equipment or video displays, suggest technology that will complement your media room goals and objectives and most important, provide you with the maximum performance within your budget. Afterall, anyone can design the perfect media room when budget is no option, it takes real professionals to design a media room that achieves your goals and objectives while staying within a reasonable budget.

Shure M-58 Microphone

Shure SM-58 Review

Our business requires us to supply not only business professionals, reunion organizers and public speakers, but also musicians. One of our go-to tools is the Shure M-58 microphone. Considered a classic by many musicians for it’s dependablity, reliability and consistent quality the Shure M-58 microphone has served us well for many years.

Seems we’re not the only ones who think so. Several musicians at Music Gear and Review also think the Shure M-58 is a rather special microphone. One musician states “Like an old Toyota, these things will deliver and you could get 300,000 miles from yours.” Another musician states “Built like a tank. These mics stand up to rough road wear and can be dropped, stepped on and pretty much run over by a car and will still work. Very high quality.”

We’re very selective about the equipment we purchase and rent. Reliability and performance are our two primary objectives, afterall, when you have a room full of executives, a club full of fans, or a room full of people, you can’t afford for your equipment to fail you. The Shure M-58 is just one of the go-to tools we use to insure our customers excellent performance and reliability. Seems we’re in good company.

Why MyResolution?

Of course we’re well aware of our competition in the Central Texas area. And there are several worthy AV companies that serve this market. But what makes us unique is the fact that we’re neither the largest AV rental and services company in the area, nor we’re not the smallest either. While larger companies because of their size, and million dollar marketing budgets can focus exclusively on Austin, TX, MyResolution recognizes that there’s a large, profitable market in the surrounding communities, towns, cities and communities that need the same high quality AV equipment rentals and services as the larger providers, but on a local, more personal level. On the other hand, we’ve also provided rentals and services for some of the largest events in Austin and the Central Texas area as well.
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What we haven’t forgotten is that it’s not the size of the customer, but the satisfaction of EACH customer. If we fail to provide outstanding service, the word-of-mouth advertisement that is the cornerstone of small business, towns and communities is lost. And if we fail to deliver for our largest customers and events, that very well could be the beginning of the end of our business.

That’s why we rent only the finest equipment on the market, we spend many hours training our staff to use the equipment we rent and use, and most important, we build life-long relationships with the customers with whom we do business. We consider a one-time rental or event a failure and are never satisfied even if we’ve serviced your account for 20 years or more.If you are a new customer, we thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. And if you are a returning customer, we thank you for your business and we’ll work diligently to keep you as our customer for the life of our company.